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Shockwave / Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy for Cellulite

Shockwave / Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy is an ideal treatment to effectively treat unsightly cellulite, revealing smoother and firmer skin with a visible improvement in skin texture.

The procedure can be used to treat stages I-III of cellulite and is ideal for older clients with a history of cellulite and skin lacking in elasticity.

Shockwave Therapy works by emitting radial waves through the skin. The body naturally disposes of the treated cells.

Shockwave Therapy can treat cellulite on any area of the body, including:


• Abdomen

• Hips

• Inner and Outer Thighs

• Buttocks

• Knees

• Arms

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II just wanted to say thank you so much for my last dermal filler treatment. The results are fantastic, as always! It is always such a pleasure to come and see Valeska, and I know I'm never going to be disappointed! Once again, I am so happy with my plump, youthful look. Thank you!

Patient name not revealed (According GDPR 2018)

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